Materiał z j.angielskiego

Grupa 4-latki

1.PARTS OF THE BODY: hair, toungue, had, finger, teeth,ear eyelashes

eye, eyebrow, nose, arm, back, elbrow, ankle,

Feet, belly, knee, bottom.

SUPER    SONGS : “One Little Finger featuring Noodle “



  1. MY FAMILLY: grandmother, teenager, father,baby, mother, son.

grandfather, daughter, sister, brother.

SUPER  SIMPLE SONGS : “ Family Members Song “

3.Poem :  MONKEY .Monkey are funny and gay monkeys

Just like monkeys play

Please look!  Chimpanzee

What a mokey!

Can you see !

4.TIME OF THE DAY : good morning, morning, afternoon,

Good afternoon, , good evening, evening

Night, good night.

5.SEA ANIMALS: crab, tortoise, starfish, fish, jellyfish, seahorse,

octopus, dolphin.



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